An example of a cashboard game

Cashboard games:

  • Combine the play of a short count seal card game with the opportunity to win a larger prize
  • Generally involves a larger number of tickets packaged into smaller bags of tickets, called subsets, for quicker play style
  • Subsets are great to play before or after a bingo session or during intermission because no calling of bingo balls is necessary for winners
  • Provide a lot of excitement as players try to advance to prize boards!

Example: how to play with subsets:

  • 8,000 count ticket game
  • Within that 8,000 count there are 20 smaller bags of tickets, each with 400 tickets per bag
  • For each bag of tickets, there are a predetermined number of hold tickets and instant win prizes
  • Sell one bag of 400 tickets at a time and pay out the instant winners
  • Then open a window on the small seal card and the player with the matching hold ticket is the winner who then advances to the larger cashboard which has 20 windows: one for each 400 count game, each with a predetermined prize amount
  • The player selects any of the available windows which is opened to reveal a prize ranging from $50 to $500, depending upon the game

Example: nonsubset style

  • 4,000 count ticket game; sell the whole deal
  • Includes one seal winner; the holder of that ticket wins the amount revealed in the seal window on the cashboard
  • Includes 20 winner tickets with numbers that match the 20 windows on the cashboard
  • Each player with a winning ticket receives the prize revealed in that window number indicated on the cashboard